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          Freund's Adjuvant Complete (bs-s1 )
          訂購QQ:  400-901-9800
          說明書: 10ml  
          產品編號 bs-s1
          英文名稱 Freund's Adjuvant Complete
          中文名稱 弗氏完全佐劑(原裝進口)
          別    名 FCA; Adjuvant; FREUND'S COMPLETE ADJUVANT; Freund's Adjuvant Complete; F5881;   佐劑; 完全佐劑; 弗氏佐劑;
          保存條件 Store at 2-8℃.
          注意事項 This product as supplied is intended for research use only, not for use in human, therapeutic or diagnostic applications.
          產品介紹 General description:
          Each mL contains 1 mg of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (H37Ra, ATCC 25177), heat killed and dried, 0.85 mL paraffin oil and 0.15 mL mannide monooleate.

          Antigens (preferably in saline) are typically mixed with an equal volume of the adjuvant to form an emulsion.

          Freund′s Adjuvants may be used to produce water-in-oil emulsions of immunogens. Antigens in water-in-oil emulsions stimulate high and long-lasting antibody responses which can be attributed to the slow release of antigen.

          Biochem/physiol Actions:
          The mycobacteria in Complete Freund′s adjuvant attracts macrophages and other cells to the injection site which enhances the immune response. For this reason, Complete Freund′s Adjuvant is used for initial injections and Incomplete Freund′s Adjuvant for subsequent boosts.

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